I know, it’s not really a word. It’s simply a misuse of the word categorically, which means “unconditionally, without qualification.” (Yes, I looked it up.) But, I think it does a good job of explaining what you’ll see here. The backstory: I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts through a blog for some time now. But there wasn’t that one thing that got me going. Instead you’ll find commentary on a bunch of the things I love: Art & Guitars. Music & Advertising. Fusion Cooking and The Big Green Egg. DIY projects around the house. (Although my wife beat me to the punch on this one. See The Nesting Game.) Etc. (Etc. happens to be one of the handiest tools in an ad-writer’s arsenal.) Now I suppose I could combine these into some kind of theme, like CreativityThis or ArtThat, but why pin myself down. I’m not claiming to be a Renaissance Man. I’m just a guy who gets bored easily. So, if you’re like me, please check in from time to time. And leave a comment or two. I may not cure your boredom, but I’m a healthy @work distraction.


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