“Khan” is the bad guy in the second Star Trek movie.

Cannes, France

Open on “the French Riviera.” If you’re a copywriter or screenwriter, the first sentence of any script is crucial. It could determine where you’ll be spending a significant portion or your life. In this case, ten days. As the French say, “It is not uninteresting,” which translates to the American, “Awesome!”

(“Cans” are what you find in a six-pack.)

I’d like to say, “thanks.” to my wonderful client HP, who sponsors the Young Lions Competition at the International Festival of Creativity every year. Basically, this festival comes on the heels of the film festival, but is centered around ad nerds and content providers. Awards will be given to the best and most innovative advertising in the world. Part of this competition involves welcoming up-and-coming talent – the Young Lions, many of whom will be competing in the Young Lions Competition. Along with HP and my colleagues at BBDO, we have created a unique space for these Young Lions to hang out and work during the competition. Here’s a PR video, shot by our partner, Porter-Novelli. Please ignore my mini-mullet. I’ve had that trimmed since the shooting of this video.

HP White Space

Beginning next week, you can follow the evolution of the room on Facebook, by following #HPWhiteSpace on Twitter, or by checking out the gallery on HP.com/go/canneslions

(“Cons” are the guys you’d find in D-block.)

Although I will be working the majority of the time while there, I should be able to work in the following favorites.

1. Vin rouge. I think we can all agree on this one. However, café creme is a close second.

2. “Deux croissant, sil vous plait.” Although Molly will not be traveling to France with me this time, I still plan on ordering them in pairs.

3. Macarons. Taste the rainbow!

4. The surf. I miss living by the ocean.

5. And my #1 goal? To get on a boat. The essence of big pimpin'.

I’ll be in my best linen yacht wear with my flippy floppies and my nautical-themed pashmina afghan.

(“Can,” spelled Cannes, is a city in the south of France that hosts an international advertising festival.)

Au revoir!


One thought on ““Khan” is the bad guy in the second Star Trek movie.

  1. Have a fulfilling and FUN trip! Though no accomplishment will equal what you snagged last time you were in those there parts. 🙂

    Also, I am craving your Greek salad. That’s what she said.

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