I’m like a one-man jam band.

Anyone who’s ever picked up an instrument long enough to have played in a band knows this much is true: Jamming with your buds (friends and beers) is fun. It starts when you’re in your basement or some storage space you rented on the outskirts of town. You plug in and start noodling on your guitar. Hey wait, you found a hook. Your friend Todd joins in on the drums, but you call him “Toddler,” because you’re in a band. The bass booms in right on the beat, missing a few notes, but quickly finding its way. Without even noticing, a tune is forming, ebbing and flowing and turning into something else–a free form  jazz oddyssey. The three of you could continue on like this for an hour (or at least until the cops show up). But have you ever seen a jam band live? I know there’s a few good ones. Black Sabbath is one of my favorites and those guys can go on for 13 minutes without boring me. But even worshipping Grateful Dead fans are the first to admit that this style of play can add up to some awful performance amongst the gems. And those guys are/were amazing musicians. Rest in peace, Jerry.

Anyways, I’m telling you this to explain the awful videos your about to see below. This is a self-indulgent attempt to document my art making process. It’s a lot like watching a free concert of a teenage jam band at the student union. The filmmaking is poor. (I need to buy a decent camera, a intervalometer and Final Cut Pro. My Canon Powershot on a tripod that’s duct taped to the basement rafters and poorly lit workspace are really bringing my production values down.) But I’ll probably learn something from it, just the way musicians do when they jam.

If you like the tracks on these videos, they are Aerosmith’s Lord of the Thighs on Video 1 and Video 2? “Twin of Myself” by Black Moth Super Rainbow.

You can see professional photographs of some of my finished artwork here. I’ll continue to document my efforts and share from time to time for those of you who love train wrecks. Any folks out there who care to share some of their creativity? Send me a pic or share a link. I’d love to see what everyone else is up to.


6 thoughts on “I’m like a one-man jam band.

  1. Yeah. I know that I move things around a lot, get rid of things and restart at times, but it’s interesting to see the trail I leave compressed to :30. And, some of my favorite jams are reggae dub recordings, like Sly & Robbie. If you choose to listen, you must where headphones.

  2. Jamming in the basement or storage space? What about your parents’ garage?!
    My all time favorite painting is “Law of Nature.” Your photograph doesn’t do it justice!
    The textures and colors are fabulous!
    Also “EL” is another favorite.

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