Wanna Bet?

Here’s a spot I did recently for AT&T. You may have seen it. Hopefully, you like it. Unfortunately, because of the way things fly around in the crazy world of advertising, I was unable to go on the production. My coworkers, Jeff Spillane and Heather Gorman put the finishing touches on it. Nice job, you two. Scott Biear was my creative partner on the project.

The song they were arguing over was supposed to be “Get Jiggy with It”– Will Smith’s first hit. But as things sometimes go, we had to change it. What a great track we wound up with: Tag Team’s “Whoomp There It Is.”

It’s rooted in the way my wife, Molly, and I settle arguments–usually with our iPhones and Google-Wiki. Enjoy.


9 thoughts on “Wanna Bet?

  1. Holy crap. I love this spot and 40% of my co-workers have said it reminds them of me. Mr. Glib and I were discussing this very weekend Little did I know my best-friend-in-law was behind it. SQUEEE!

      • Also a great way to demonstrate what AT&T has that VZ doesn’t – the simultaneous talk/surf thing, which I personally think is huge. What- we are supposed to just focus on the converSAtion at hand and not check email or FB while chatting?

        Did you do the “Dude who has forgotten his anniversary and is working late” spot as well?

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